About Us

DeviGolden Elephant Events Inc. LLC is an event production company. We do more than mere event production. We acknowledge and appreciate that event production involves colossal amount of skill, expertise, time and effort, beyond the imagination of a layman. Our event management style is very detail oriented and leaves no challenge unanticipated.

We have created and executed exclusive dinners for less than ten guests and high-profile festivals for more than a thousand. Our experience includes black tie events, grand opera performances, educational symposia, trade shows, public hearings, international trade missions, promotion launches, campaign announcements, press conferences and a host of other unique settings that have required extensive attention to detail and quintessential creative vision.

Golden Elephant Events counts event production, development & fundraising, sponsorship fulfillment and event & venue marketing among its hallmarks. We also offer many other services to enhance our clients’ overall image. We can proudly say that we are the universe for all your hospitality, destination management and community building needs. Whether you are a startup charity or a global corporation, with Golden Elephant Events, you can rest assured that your events will be seamless and memorable and that each event works toward achieving your short and long term objectives. Golden Elephant Events offers development and institutional growth consulting and specializes in creative fundraising strategies. We continue to collaborate with key leaders and decision makers from a cross-section of disciplines successfully providing clients with results driven solutions for a wide range of goals.

Ms. Devi Nagappan, proprietor and founder of Golden Elephant Events Inc. LLC, has 10 years of experience in creating special events, large or small, for clients in the corporate, political and not-for-profit sectors. She has cultivated lasting relationships with corporate sponsors, individual philanthropists and others whose generosity has allowed the company to thrive. The organizations for which Ms. Nagappan has managed the events have a great reputation for unparalleled service.